Is often claimed too easily. Lots of stuff is called insight but little really is. An insight is something new that gives you an opportunity. It might be a new consumer behaviour, an understanding, an existing behaviour, an unearthing of anxieties that stop purchase, or an unmet need requiring fulfilment. Our job is to find insights and to champion them to drive action.



Why do ugly cars get launched? Why do we end up taking a knife to packs we can’t open? Why do 80 – 90% of new grocery products fail within a year? We believe that if the ideas that led to these innovations weren’t researched, and even if research was done, the consumers voice was lost along the way to launch.

Our approach to innovation combines three things, strong insight and consumer research throughout the process, commerciality and building buy in and ownership within your organisation so that stuff gets done. We love innovation – who wouldn’t like seeing work that you’ve played a part in delighting and engaging consumers?


Brand Strategy

Brands act as a short cut for consumers. They should help with product and service choice. The territory a brand seeks to own in terms of benefits and reasons to believe can become less clear to consumers over time. This may be caused through competitor activity, your brand not delivering what it promises or off script communication, behaviours and promotions.

We help our clients define and redefine brand positioning and strategy. Keeping it simple and true has helped us drive clarity and growth into brands that were starting to lose their way.

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